Meet Critical Hosting...

Providing high-quality, reliable Cloud services, at competitive prices.

Critical Hosting is the Trading Name of Critical Hosting Solutions Ltd. We began as a self-managed brand of the high quality managed service provider "iCloudHosting", and have been in this industry for many years, focusing on providing the best value high-performance services on the market.

We have a wide geographical spread, allowing customers and companies of all sizes to easily purchase high-performance infrastructure around the world. Our resources and knowledge of this sector are here to help your business have a hassle-free, enjoyable experience with your hosting. Everyone here at Critical Hosting are dedicated to supporting our customers, as we know there is nothing more valuable than the experience you have with us and your Cloud.

Our main belief? High Performance Cloud should be available to all. We're mostly developers ourselves, and have pushed Critical Hosting to show the industry that high performance should not come at highly inflated prices.