Powerful New Portal


Good morning,

We're here to finally let you in on some exciting changes happening in the coming weeks, for new and old customers alike! 2016 was another hugely successful year for us, making a great deal of improvements and upgrades possible for 2017.

Powerful New Portal

The first of the changes is our powerful new portal. This is a huge change that will be providing you with many many new features for 2017. Our team of developers have created a brand new portal from scratch, with the aim of providing powerful new functionality to you. By developing this portal ourselves, we now have full control over upgrades and new features to be added to make your projects easier and more successful. We'll be sending out regular updates as features are added to the new portal. What does this mean for you? We'll be migrating existing customers over to the new portal in a scheduled process over the coming weeks. This process has been tested thoroughly, and is not expected to impact your service. Additionally, all new orders will be processed through the new portal. We're incredibly proud of the system, and look forward to hearing feedback from you as you move over!

To see more of our Portal, you can go here.

We'll be making a whole range of improvements in the coming months, so keep your eyes on this blog and our Twitter for updates on our progress.

If you have any questions about anything talked about in this post, please contact sales@critical.hosting, or use our live chat.