Connecting to your Server with SSH

2 Methods of connecting to your server by SSH

Blue Light Tech

If you have just commissioned your server, then you already know the next step is to connect to it via SSH. We do provide a console from our control panel, but this is only intended for emergency use, not day-to-day development.

This article will show you two ways by which you can access your new server and how to get started with them.

  1. Connecting With OpenSSH
  2. Connecting With Putty

What You Need

  1. Your username (By default, your server is shipped with an administrator account named root). This is the admin or the SuperUser of your account.
  2. Password: Once your server is provisioned, it comes also with a default password for the root user above.
  3. Your Server IP: This is the IP Address shown in your portal.
  4. SSH Clients: These are the programs that you will use to actually connect with the terminal server. OpenSSH for Linux and Mac OSX, or Putty for Windows.

Option 1. Connecting With OpenSSH (for Linux and Mac OS X users)

  1. OpenSSH comes packaged as a command-line tool on Linux and Mac OSX powered systems.

    Type in the following to connect with the server:

    ssh root@YOURSERVERIP

    Connecting for the first time throws up the following warning:

    The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established.
    ECDSA key fingerprint is
    Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?

    What this mean is that since the computer is trying to communicate with your server for the very first time, it is seeing a fingerprint that has not been used before. Answer with yes, which will connect, and store the fingerprint on that computer so that this message does not appear again.

    Now at the next step you will be asked for the password. Supply it and hit enter. You will have to do this twice. But note, this is just a temporary password. You will now be asked to provide a stronger alternative. A helpful tool for generating strong passwords is PasswordGenerator

Option 2: Connecting Via Putty (Windows)

You can download your Putty version here

Please note that if you want to know how to securely connect to your server using advanced SSH RSA keys, there is another Knowledge Base article where it is explained in-depth.

  1. Fire up putty.
  2. Fill-in these fields with their respective data:
    Hostname or IP Address: Your server IP
    Port: 22 by default
    Connection Type: (choose default: SSH)
  3. But before you log-in or open, make sure you save the settings for the session, so there will be no need to keep supplying the above credentials every time.
  4. To login, now click on open.
  5. You will be greeted by the login as prompt, enter root.
  6. Then the Password prompt will show up. Enter the one you were given while creating the server. Enter it twice.
  7. To change it to a stronger one, type:
  8. passwd root

    And follow the password prompts that will follow.

That’s it, you’re connected by SSH, and now have access to your server’s console. For tips on where to go from here, see our “Setting up your server” guides, which provide useful initial steps to take with your Cloud server.