A Reliable Infrastructure for you to build upon.


The benefit of Critical Hosting is our reliability. We understand that your business cannot afford downtime, and so work hard to ensure that our service is focused on resilience.

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Redundant Data Centre

In order to make your Cloud truly reliable, we have ensured that aour Data Centre has redundant systems in place, such as 2N UPS for power feeds and backup power generators. This means that you can be sure, even in an emergency, that we have the structure in place to protect your data.

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Scheduled Maintenance

We've been in this business for long enough that we know that maintenance is always going to be required. Whether it's to make repairs to a certain node of our infrastructure, or upgrades to our service, it will be required at times. The difference is that we will always schedule maintenance out of hours, informing you in advance and ensuring no impact on you or your project!

100% Uptime SLA

We're confident in the quality of our service and resilience at every stage, and therefore provide a 100% uptime SLA for your service. If we can't trust our service, how can you? Accept nothing less from your provider.