Snapshots vs Backups

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To support our aim of clarity in everything we do, it's important for us to clearly describe what our Snapshot and Backup procedures are, and how they differ, so that you can make the right decisions for your project's requirements.

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Daily snapshots come as standard on all of our Cloud packages, and are run at a SAN level. A snapshot contains information on how the data of your VM has changed in the last 24 hours since the previous snapshot. The benefit of this is that rollbacks to snapshots are incredibly efficient, and therefore can be spun up much faster than if it were using an ordinary backup procedure. The importance here is to know that it is not a disaster recovery system, and therefore cannot be relied upon as such. Their key use is for fast and simple rollbacks.

Offsite Backups

This is our disaster recovery system, and costs an additional 20% of your Package Price per month. With this, you receive Daily Offsite Backups for 7 days, and Weekly Offsite Backups for 4 weeks. By backing up the entire data of the VM to an Offsite SAN, we can provide true resilience against hardware failures, and give you peace of mind that your Cloud data is safe and secure with a regular backup routine.