Cutting-Edge SSD Storage, giving you market-leading IO speeds.

Blistering Speeds

We know the most common bottleneck in applications nowadays is storage performance. That's why our R&D are always looking for better ways to develop and tune the Storage layer, to give you rapid disk I/O speeds. Don't just take our word for it, we've run a range of tests to give you data to back it up.

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To protect you, our Snapshot System runs every day, capturing the current state of your server. This means that if you ever make a mistake on your server (we've all been there), you can restore to a working snapshot from the last 7 days. We've got you covered!

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Our Storage layer is designed to abstract from SSDs failing. If one goes down, your application will continue to run without a hiccup, whilst we deal with the hardware replacements for you.

Offsite Backups

We've got your back(ups). As an addon, we offer an Offsite Backup service, to store all of your data at a separate location to your server.


Application growing and needs more Storage? A few clicks on your Portal, and you can Upgrade your package to instantly allocate more space. Simple expansion!